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Welcome to N'other Chance, Inc.

Making a difference...

What difference does one person make to the life of another? You can't really measure it unless you ask the person whose life has been dramatically changed from the help and support received during times when hope seems extinct.

What difference does a collective effort make to the lives of a whole nation? This can't be measured either. Even more so, it's not a one-time event. The collective efforts of N'other Chance, Inc. are unbroken. We find ways to make our projects, charity programs, and awareness campaigns be the beginnings - never the end.

Giving help, homes, and hope...

To most of the children, women, and families we've helped, life has not been kind. In the countries of Africa and in the Caribbean Islands of Haiti, our hands reach theirs. We give them homes to board, schools for learning opportunities, medical missions to improve health, feeding programs to combat hunger, and orphanages to house young children. We give HOPE.

Their dreams and ours...

Everyone has dreams. Those we help have their own dreams too - to live and see another day without feeling the pangs of hunger, to sleep safely at night, to be medicated when health takes a turn for the worse, to have a family and a home. The things we mostly take for granted are the dreams that they have. For most of our beneficiaries, these are luxuries. To us, they are daily necessities which we can readily afford to have - and at times, unfortunately, abuse.

At N'other Chance, Inc., our dream is to reduce hardships and bring help to the children, women, and families in Africa and Haiti who need it most. One donation at a time and one medical mission after another, we are making this dream come true.

Maximizing the capacity and unearthing the willingness...

There are many of us who have the capacity to send help. However, very few make the effort to reach out. We are calling upon those who have hearts and those who hear our call. We speak for the underprivileged children, women, and families in Africa and Haiti. Make another day easier for them so they may pursue better dreams than they do now. Survival is not a way of life. Living should be the way of life. Give them the quality life of that they truly deserve. We all should have the privilege of access to resources, education, and healthcare. You can make this happen.



Can be solved. Problems of hunger and the growing number of our deprived community can be aided once we start to work together and give little by little. Facts can be stated, like for example, surveys that are troubling and growing rates of hunger and oppressed communities. This will make us feel guilt and pity for these underserved people, but we should not stop there. Let’s not just have sympathy, we should do something and act now.

Let us be sensitive and be active at the same time. Let's work hand in hand and face these problems. » Read More



Is within us. With enrichment programs and reach-out projects of N'other Chance Inc., we should not give a chance for these problems to devour our whole world. Instead, let us give ourselves a chance to help ourselves in the human race by joining our feeding and charitable activities. Enrichment activities include educating them about health care and its importance.

Let us share our gift by taking care of them and helping them to learn how to take care of themselves. Volunteer now. » Read More



Should be spread. We should not keep all the love that we have to the human race in a dark corner. Instead, we should learn to spread and help others that are in dire need for food, clothing, shelter, and schooling. These are real needs to an individual that we often take for granted. Let us not be snobs, let us be givers and share what we have. Things that have long been in the closet, and even a very slight portion of your earnings will make a big difference for the lives of these people.

Don't just say that you love them, show them your love. Show them that you care. » Read More

We appreciate the time you took to visit our website. We hope to bring awareness to the public on the lack of healthcare facilities, medicine, and healthcare professionals in Africa and Haiti. You can do something. Volunteer and be a working hand in our programs and projects!

Mission Statement

"To change lives!" - We are powered by the desire to positively affect the lives of women and children in Haiti and in African countries that experience poverty, hunger, and strife.

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